УВАГА!!! Бровко та Мурчик запрошують дітей та дорослих стати учасниками міжнародного інтернет-проекту Brovchyk Club! Вас чекають цікаві пригоди вірних друзів – Бровка та Мурчика!

ATTENTION!! Brovko and Murchyk would like to invite children and adults to take part in the international internet project Brovchyk Club! Exciting adventures of true friends Brovko and Murchyk are waiting for you!

Achtung! Brovko und Murchyk laden Kinder und Erwachsene zur Teilnahme am internationalen Internetprojekt Brovchyk Club ein! Interessante Abenteuer der treuen Freunde - Brovchyk und Murchyk warten auf Sie.

3 steps to become a member of Brovchуk Club:
  1. Register on the website: www.brovchyk.com.ua.

  2. Upload the pictures of your pets – cat or dog to the website, we will use them to create the map of the world.

  3. Write a brief description of your pet and indicate your country of residence.


Attention! Every week creative photos will be shown on the website. And every month, according to the results of the contest for “The Most Original Photo”, Brovko and Murchyk will choose a winner, who will be awarded with a set of books about the gripping stories of Brovko and Murchyk and a souvenir with the image of our heroes.

Also, the members of the club can send us interesting stories that happen to their pet-friends, no more than one printed page, uploading them through the "Chronicle" section on the website. The plots of these stories will be used for creating our common endless cats-and-dogs bestseller.


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