Brovko and Murchyk are pleased to invite children and their parents, along with their pets - dogs and cats, to become the members of the International Children's Project "Brovchyk Club"!

It creates priceless memories and unites friends from every corner of the world for a lifetime! In our club kids worldwide can:

  • - Exchange photos of their pets – see section "Friends".
  • - Read online books about Brovko and Murchyk’s adventures both in verse and prose - see section "Adventures".
  • - Make origami and solve cognitive and educational puzzles prepared by our heroes Brovko and Murchyk - see section "Workshop".
  • - Share interesting stories which happened to your little friends and follow funny life events which occurred to them - see section "Chronicle".

Brovchyk Club is not just an organized interest group. It offers a way of thinking based on love for pets thus developing children's positive traits of character.

Join Our Team! Log on to the club’s official website www.brovchyk.com.ua !